10 Genius Ways To Use Dryer Sheets Around Your Home

Did you know you can use dryer sheets for many other uses around your home and not just for your dryer?

Even though their primary purpose is to keep your laundry soft and counteract the static electricity, dryer sheets can ease many other household activities.

Here are ten nifty uses of dryer sheets you probably didn’t know by now:

1. Removing Deodorant Stains

For this trick, you should use a clean and a completely dry dryer sheet. Use short, brisk strokes to rub the stains on your shirt. It won’t take long before they disappear completely.

2. Dusting The Blinds And Other Furniture

Dryer sheets are even better than dust cloth when cleaning your blinds or any other furniture. The reason why you should use them for collecting dust is the material they are made of which allows them to repel static electricity.

3. Air Freshener

That’s right. You can even use a scented dryer sheet to freshen up the smell in your room. Just pin or tape the dryer sheet to a fan and feel the scented breeze all around your room.

4. Wiping Dead Bugs Off Windshield

You can use a dryer sheet to remove dead bugs from your windshield. Being soft makes them perfect for this purpose as they won’t scratch your car. What’s more, their scent helps repel mosquitos and other bugs.

5. Wiping Up Spills

The next time you accidentally spill some sugar, flour, or anything similar, use a dryer sheet to wipe it out.

6. Polishing Hardware

Dryer sheets are also great for polishing hardware. For example, use it to polish your bathroom tap, and it’ll become as shiny as new.

7. Cleaning Dirty Dishes

Here’s a great tip that’ll help you avoid scrubbing your dirty dishes. All you have to do is fill your dirty pan with hot/warm water and add some dish soap and several dry sheets. Leave them for an hour, and you won’t have problems taking the grime off.

8. Cleaning Stainless Steel

Rub your stainless steel fridge with a dryer sheet to make it as good as new in not more than few minutes.

9. Keeping Your Clothes Fresh

Put a dryer sheet on top of your clothes in your drawer or even backpack/suitcase, and they will stay fresh. What’s more, you can use it to improve the smell of your pet litter box. Just stick one dryer sheet in it, and it’ll smell better.

10. Preventing Thread From Tangling

This is really helpful when you have to do a hand sewing. When sewing something with a hand needle and thread, the thread can knot or tangle, making stitching almost impossible. But, you can prevent all this by wiping your thread with a dryer sheet.

We hope you’ll try some of these clever uses of dryer sheets and you’ll be happy with the results.

You can use dryer sheets for many other uses around your home and not just for your dryer.

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