Color of Urine Says about Your Health

This simple and helpful diagnostic tool was used since ancient times.

The human urine comes in different color, smell and density and these characteristics can tell us a lot about our current health condition. In this article, we will share some things that can help you determine whether you are healthy or not just by looking at your urine.

Color of The Urine

As we said, urine comes in many different colors. Some urine has deep amber color while other people might notice honey color and even golden shades.

1. Transparent (colorless).

This is a clear sign that your body has water in abundance. You are drinking more water than you actually need, so reduce the intake of water.

2. Pale Straw Color.

Pale straw color is actually a normal color for human urine. You are well hydrated and healthy. Continue with your daily routine.

3. Transparent Yellow.

This is another sign that you are healthy. Continue what you are doing.

4. Dark Yellow.

More or less normal condition, but you need to improve hydration. Remember to drink larger quantities of water or healthy fluids.

5. Honey or amber.

Urine with this color occurs in people with low energy levels and the urine signals that you must increase the intake of water and liquids. Drink water as soon as possible because you will dehydrate and this is a serious condition.

6. Brown Ale or Syrup.

Many scientists claim that this color is an indicator that you have certain liver problems. You might be suffering from liver disease or you are dehydrated.

7. Pink To Reddish.

This is a typical color of urine in people who have just taken some blueberries, beets or rhubarb. But, if you have not eaten these veggies and fruits, there is blood in your urine. This is not something very unusual, but it can also indicate that you are suffering from tumors, bladder stones, kidney disease, prostate issues, UTI or some other disease or disorder. Mercury or lead poisoning also results in blood in the urine, so it is better to check your condition.

8. Orange.

This might be a sign that you need to drink more water or maybe you have some problem with the bile or liver. Sometimes food dye results in orange urine.

9. Blue Or Green.

Although it sounds odd, there are people with green or blue urine. Most of them are suffering from genetic diseases that change the color of their urine. In addition, some bacteria can cause infection in the urinary tract. In most cases, this urine color is a result of food dye used in the food or a drug. It is probably nothing serious, but consult your doctor if the urine doesn’t change its color after some period of time.

10. Foaming Or Fizzing.

This is a benign hydraulic effect in cases it doesn’t happen too often. If it is frequent, it might suggest excess protein in the system or certain kidney problems. Visit your doctor if the foaming is persistent.

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