Don’t Throw Away Cherry Petioles

You might never thought about it (we were also surprised when we stumbled upon this), but even a small cherry petiole can be used for medical purposes!

Yes, there’s actually a drink you can make from the comfort of your home that helps you fight kidney diseases and urinal infections! Other than that, it also helps prevent kidney stones, and it’s also good for diarrhea!

To prepare this beverage, you’ll need:

  • no more than 2 tea spoons of minced cherry petioles
  • 2,5 dl of fresh water or milk

All you have to do is pour those minced petioles with water or milk, make the mixture boil, and then cook it for up to three minutes.

Let it simmer down for ten more minutes, after which you need to remove the liquids from the mixture and consume it after every meal!


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