This Drink Will Melt Fat Away

Do you want a drink that melts fat away and is safe?

There are many reasons why you are gaining weight, but it is quite rare for people to blame this on their metabolism.

You probably already cut down your calorie consumption and you exercise regularly, but you still aren’t losing weight.

Slow metabolism could be the cause as this can affect your weight loss goals by reversing your desired results.

Thankfully, there are solutions for this problem and one of the ways is to make this drink:

1. Prepare boiling water, measuring exactly one liter.

2. Have five bags of green tea ready as well. Let them sit in the boiling water for three minutes. When done, let the tea cool off and place the liquid in a glass bowl.

3. Pick from an orange, lemon, or grapefruit. Cut them into smaller pieces, but don’t remove the peel.

4. Have some fresh mint ready to complete the list of ingredients.

5. When you’re done with the fruit and you have the mint leaves, add them to the tea you have prepared.

Drink about 11 ounces of the tea three times a day before you have your meals to see the results within seven days. Your metabolism will become faster and you will eventually achieve a slimmer body.

melts fat away


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