Why You Should Eat Avocado? Here Are 15 Reasons

There is no doubt, avocado is really healthy and popular in fruits, and tasty a lot, so people around the world lie it, not just in USA. The taste is so incredible you might think is not healthy even, but it is the opposite.

Avocado fans have better health and better digestion. Also, the BMI is lower for them as to some studies. So, the avocado is incredibly healthy and there are more than 20 reasons to eat it, but read these 15:

1. Healthy fats

This fruit has the healthiest fats or good fats that are monounsaturated. This type of fat removes or lowers bad cholesterol and cleanses to blood from it.

2. Weight losing

With avocados you can lose weight easily. A study was published in Nutrition Journal and said that ½ avocado daily makes you feel fuller longer time than usual and is useful for obese people.

The participants of the study said they had 40% less cravings during those 3 hours of in between meal time, and 28% less during the 5 hours after the meal. Also they had no need for snacks.

3. Good blood pressure

As to the American Heart Association, potassium in this aids for lessening bad effects of sodium in the body and this is a big factor for pressure and heart health.

Avocado is full of potassium and one piece has 28% for the daily needs/ nonetheless, they also have a lot of fat, so no other fat sources are needed.

4. Bad cholesterol reducing

According to studies, 1 in 3 Americans had bad cholesterol high levels of it. But, the good part is that there is a natural cure for this issue.

A lot of studies so far showed eating avocado daily lowers the bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is impacted directly and lowered down, and also the blood triglycerides are lowered and the LDL cholesterol too. The good cholesterol HDL is increased.

5. Nutrients

This fruit has 20 vitamins and more nutrients. According to RDV Recommended Daily Value, inon of this fruit we get: 33% vitamin C, 21% vitamin E, 26% viamin B, 19% copper, 28% pantothenic acid, 53% vitamin K, 28% potassium, 41% folate.

6. Better nutrient absorbing

When we talk about minerals, vitamins and other useful nutrients it is all about the amount. Also, HOW we get these nutrients is crucial too. Some are at-soluble and need to be mixed with fat to get best benefits. Such are vitamins A, D, E and K and antioxidants too. Make a salad of lettuce, carrot spinach maybe too, and throw there ½ avocado for many antioxidants. In this way you’ll get alpha-carotene 8.3 times more and beta-carotene 13.6 more, while lutein 4.3 times more.

7. Preventing diabetes

As to the estimates of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is impacting 40% Americans in their life. It is important to keep the sugar level in the blood healthy. Avocado aids in this. It was researched that people had ½ avocado at lunchtime and after lunch, and their insulin or sugar levels were always measured at same time. The meals with avocado had more calories and fat and carb content too, BUT these people had great sugar levels while those with no avocado didn’t.

8. No pain

Extract of avocado reduces bone problems and pains like arthritis. It Is anti-inflammatory and removes aches.

9. No inflammation

Every chronic inflammation causes long term problems like allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and coronary issues.

Since avocado has oleic acids- the olive oil’s monounsaturated fat improves health in general just like the avocado oil. It was even studied how the oleic acid reduced inflammations.

10. Eye health and eyesight

The avocado contains lutein and zeaxanthin which is fighting macular degenerating which causes blindness the most in USA. Foods with a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin have also many phytonutrients.

You assumed how avocados are perfect sources for lutein, but also they have the MOST lutein in comparison to 20 other fruits. Those other fruits have only zeaxanthin.

11. For future mothers

There is a website, What to Expect, and it stated howavocados are great for pregnant women since they offer them folate, vitamin C and B6, plus potassium.

Another thing, the vitamin B6 helps in bay tissue problems, and improves brain growth health, lessens nausea. The folate makes the fetus develop properly in the early pregnancy.

12. Against cancer

A lot of studies proved avocado to be a cancer fighter. In one study, it was proved how extract of avocado blocks or slows down cancer cells to grow linked to prostate cancer. Another research showed that avocado can ease the chemotherapy effects.

13. Strong bones

Avocado has many nutrients for the bones like vitamin K, copper and folate. Eating it will make bones stronger with time. Mix it with other fruits in a fruit salad.

14. Better digestion

The fiber is abundant in avocado and helps many diets among digestive tract improving too. In one avocado fruit you get 13 g fruit with 54% of daily fiber need.

15. Improved mood

Due to vitamins and minerals in this fruit like potassium and folate, they improve our mood.

In studies it was made a connection between deficit of potassium and depression. This link between sodium, magnesium and potassium with depression patients was examined and all of them had little if no potassium.

In other study from 1993, there was a similar theory. Depressed people had little potassium and healthy ones – a lot. Researchers from 1960 until now state that folate is responsible for good mood and removing early stage depression signs.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com


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