Eight Signs Showing That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Despite the fact that consuming a lot of sugar has side effects on the overall health, we all enjoy eating it.

According to one study, an average American eats 20 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis compared to the recommended 10 teaspoons a day.

Consuming sugar has already become a health issue. Over-consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes, hypoglycemia, chronic tenderness and heart problems. Poor diet as well as eating too much sugar can lead to low levels of glucose in the blood, thus affecting the nerves, brain, muscles and digestive system.

To find out if you are eating too much sugar read on:

1. Fatigue and lack of energy

Feeling exhausted most of the time is one of the indicators that you are consuming too much sugar. Choose wisely what you eat.

2. Gaining weight

Eating a lot of sugar means consuming a lot of calories. Sugar doesn’t have fiber and proteins, thus it doesn’t make you feel full, but on the contrary it increases your carvings. The hormones, whose function is to regulate blood sugar and weight gain, are released due to the amount of sugar in the blood.

When the amount of glucose rises, the insulin production is boosted up. Insulin levels affect the body energy, the body cells and the muscles feed on it. Moreover, over consuming of sugar may cause insulin resistance and due to this the body will not be able to control the amounts of sugar. This means that the pancreas works hard for a long period of time and this may lead to diabetes.

3. Skin problems

Over consuming of sugar may lead to skin inflammation because sugar has inflammatory properties. Sugar may be responsible for eczema, acne or rosacea. All in all overconsumption of sugar leads to problematic skin. And is not only the face skin that suffers, overconsumption of sugar may be the main reason for too dry or oily feet.

4. Lethargic brain during the day

Slow brain means that your body lacks carbohydrates. Consuming too much sugar leads to increasing of the sugar level in your blood and then decreasing more rapidly than usual. Energy is stable only if the blood sugar is stable and the sudden increase and decrease of the sugar leads to sudden increase and decrease of energy levels.

5. Food does not have the original taste

Sugar kills your taste literary. Namely, if your body is used to increased sugar consumption, food starts to lose its sweet taste.

6. Recurring colds and influenza

Constantly feeling ill means that you consume too much sugar. Over consuming sugar weakens your immune system, enabling your body to fight against flu and viruses. Limit your daily intake of sugar to boost your immune system.

7. Need for sugar

You are very likely to become a sugar addict if you consume foods rich in sugar every day. The more sugar you eat the more you need it, it’s a vicious circle. If you constantly crave for carbohydrates this means that you are addicted to sugar.

8. Feeling moodier than before

When your blood sugar level decreases your energy levels lower and you feel moodier than usual.

Despite the fact that consuming a lot of sugar has side effects on the overall health, we all enjoy eating it.

Source: nutrilifetips.com

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