Fascinating 9 Plants Which Give Out Oxygen During the Night

Plants, like every living being, survive through breathing.

However, they provide their oxygen through photosynthesis, an opposite process of respiration. In this process, they inhale carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

One important aspect of the process of photosynthesis is the direct sunlight which the plant lacks during the night.

So, without sunlight, they are not able to carry out the photosynthesis, and the level of carbon dioxide is increased.This does not mean that this emission of carbon dioxide will suffocate you, but it will increase the risk of anxiety, insomnia and calmness.

However, there are some plants that emit oxygen even during the night so they will provide plenty of oxygen needed for a good quality sleep.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely celebrated for its countless benefits for different skin and health problems and it releases plenty of oxygen at night. Another benefit of Aloe Vera is that it does need much water and it can be reproduced very easily. So, place some Aloe Vera in your bedroom and just get the most out of this plant.

2. Snake Plant

This plant is also known as sinister or ‘mother-in-law’s tongue”. However, you will fall in love with this plant not only because of its way of looking, but it is ranked as one of the best air purifiers. Just like Aloe Vera, snake plant neither needs constant attention nor water.

3. Neem Tree

Neem tree is one of the most highly utilized and important plants in the Indian subcontinent. It does not only purify the air, but it serves as an insect repellent. It will keep the mosquitoes away from you and prevents eggs from hatching. However, it significantly differs from Aloe Vera and snake plant because it requires a lot of care, patience, high quality soil and plenty of sunlight.

4. Holy Basil/ Tulsi

Along the many health benefits of Tulsi leaves, its presence in your bedroom is even more beneficial. Its leaves emit a specific scent that will soothe your nerves and reduce the level of anxiety. So, Tulsi is the perfect plant you need after a tiring and stressful day at work.

5. Orchids

Orchids could not only be a decorative element in your house, but they can provide many other benefits for your health. They emit plenty of oxygen during the night, so their perfect place should be in your bedroom. Orchids also prevent xylene, a pollutant which is found in paint and your house will feel fresher than before. Make sure you do not display unnecessary care because that can even kill them. Just provide them enough sunlight and they will do the rest.

6. Orange Gerbera

These attractive orange flowers will purify and perfume your air in the same time. They abound in many health benefits, from curing a cold to preventing cancer. Make sure you opt for a transplant because they are somewhat tricky to grow.

7. Peepal Tree

According to different superstitions, the souls of dead people live among the leaves of Peepal tree. It is a great purifier of air and its leaves are used for treating constipation, diabetes and asthma. This may be the reason why Buddha chose to meditate under this tree.

8. Christmas Cactus

This Christmas Cactus is what you need for a Christmas, not a Christmas tree. Its blooms will please you in December, but you will experience its health benefits throughout the whole year. This plant emits oxygen all night long and provides a good quality of sleep. It is an ideal plant for dark rooms.

9. Areca Palm

You have probably seen this plant in your dentist waiting room, but it is the perfect plant for your home. It absorbs all kinds of harmful substances and humidifies the air. It can thrive in rooms with less sunlight because it originates from dense tropical areas.


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