Fat Loss Water Recipe to Cleanse Your Fat

This powerful fat loss water recipe will give you an easy way to wash away fat deposits and other toxins from your body while at the same time making sure to keep your organs hydrated.

Keep on reading to find out how to prepare this simple and healthy beverage.

Your body can stock up on quite a few fat deposits that remained dormant due to lack of physical activity.

Exercise alone is not enough to remove these drops of fat. If you keep dining the same food and drinking the same beverages days on end, your body will not feel threatened to lose weight and change its metabolism.

Drinking a lot of water can cause a needed body state called resting energy expenditure. It increases the amount of calories that the body expends. Water does help in regulating your body weight.

It clears out toxins, helps you lose weight, and it is a much more healthy substitute for soft drinks.

However, consuming water in and of itself in still not enough for you to notice significant weight changes to your body.

Our Fat Loss Water Recipe

This is where our powerful combo comes in play. If you pair these two together, i.e. exert a regular physical activity and apply our powerful water recipe, then you will have a compelling weapon against your accumulated fat.

This combo will take together a few delicious ingredients that can melt those stubborn fatty parts.

Below, you can find our energetic water recipe. It makes for a balanced and nutritious meal that can break down fat if taken with a regular physical activity.


1. Two liters or 64 ounces of regular and pure drinking water

2. One cucumber, cut into thin slices

3. Six leaves of peppermint or spearmint

4. One tangerine, cut into sections

5. 1/2 grapefruit, cut into thin slices

6. A few ice cubes made from pure drinking water (optional).

Tip: Make sure all the produce are organic.


Mix these ingredients in a container of your choice. Smash them up until they become homogenous. After you stir them together, place the container in your fridge, where it will spend the night.

Start drinking the fat loss water recipe from the next day onward. Drink it throughout the day for maximum benefit.

Why This Combination?

1. Cucumbers aid in managing diabetes and help lower your blood pressure. They also keep your body hydrated and remove that feeling of bloatedness you get after you consume a lot of water during the day.

2. Peppermint helps with digestion and congestion.

3. Tangerines are an excellent way to increase your sensitivity to insulin, making you more resilient against diabetes. They are also a fantastic source of vitamin C.

4. Grapefruits have active ingredients that help you lose more fat. They also boost your immune system, energy levels, and prevent forming of acids in your body.

How Does The Body Process Fat.

The effectiveness of fat being broken down by the body depends on multiple variables. Primarily, the body has a benefit from fat, but just not from excess amounts of it.

What happens is, our bodies need energy for the day, and this energy comes from a process called gluconeogenesis, where the liver uses the stored fat to make fuel for short-term starvation.

This is how your body creates fatty acids. They bound to the protein albumin and are then transported in the blood to the regions of your body where they await chemical decomposition to suit various tasks for the body including a need for energy, building up of muscles and organs.

During the process of gluconeogenesis, there always is a fat leftover that can not serve any functional need for the body and needs to be “flushed” away.

This Is Where Water Comes Into Play!

Water helps us remove the fat leftovers from our body. Our liver is then filtering the leftovers and excrements them from our bodies through urination.

As we can see, water plays an essential part in making sure our bodies are cleansed from unnecessary waste buildup that if left untreated, could have determinantal consequences to your health.

Start Using This Recipe Today.

Along with our powerful fat loss water recipe above, make sure you get regular exercise by doing endurance exercises and cardio. That way you will make sure you get the best benefit from our combo.

Enjoy our healthy mix today and try the others below on the video!


Fat Loss Water

Source: Fat Flush Water Recipe

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