Foot Reflexology: More Than a Foot Massage!

Foot reflexology is a type of alternative medicinal approach which nowadays gains more and more popularity.

Many hospitals and establishments have started offering it to their patients along with the standard medicinal treatments.

And indeed, those who undergo this specific type of treatment have claimed to feel many benefits. Just to name a couple of potential candidates for foot reflexology, people with chronic pains and ailments, athletes and people who suffer from everyday stress.

Furthermore, those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and cancer may also find this treatment to their advantage.

Foot reflexology is more than a massage and should not be attempted by amateurs. It is a highly complicated technique which needs to be performed by professionals– reflexologists.

Science has confirmed its beneficial properties, and one can definitely say that it belongs to a category of its own. One should in no way associate it with other types of massages. Nor with what they call ‘faith healing’.

If one should wish to connect it to anything else, then that would have to be acupressure. After all, both of these techniques involve applying pressure to certain points.

Each point on your feet has its purpose and connects to a certain area in your body. So, naturally, it is really important to know which pressure point serves which purpose.

A reflexologist will know exactly where to apply the pressure. It is basically the process of applying different hand and finger techniques, without using oils of any kind.

No Wonder It’s So Useful

Here’s a surprising fact you may or may not have heard: there are as many as 7000 nerve endings at the soles of each foot! As we previously stated, all of them relate to some region, gland or organ in your body. This is thanks to the brain and the spinal column.

That’s the main reason why the manipulation of these pressure points can have such a huge effect on the part of the body which you want to work on.

This marvelous alternative to traditional medicine is sure to help your body along its path to self-healing. To give you an example, applying pressure to the right spot on the bottom of your feet can help improve the blood-flow throughout your body.

This makes sure it reaches the organ in need of it. This can help remove waist products more easily. But it can also insure a better delivery to oxygen molecules as well as nutrients to the specific area.

Give It A Shot– It’s Worth It!

By choosing to undergo this special procedure, you are also assuring that your feet stay in tip-top shape! After all, we should all be aware that our feet are the most ‘tortured’ parts on our entire body.

One should not have any complications in guessing the reason as they have to support the entire weight of our bodies, and this is an especially hard task when we are standing upright.

So, don’t hesitate to offer your feet the pampering and attention they deserve. Not only will that make them feel good, but you feel good as a whole too.

Also, foot reflexology does wonders for those who suffer from bunions, swollen feet, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis and many other feet-related issues and injuries.

But let us remind you of one more thing that we also previously mentioned. This technique should be used along with the standard medical treatments and procedures.

However, make sure you first consult with your doctor or general practitioner before making that step. This should be of particular importance if one happens to currently be undergoing any type of other treatments for any other medical conditions.

Either way, we hope you will take this alternative medicinal practice into consideration for the sake of all the neat benefits it can offer you and your feet.

Source Drweil | Health Digezt

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