For Joint Pains Avoid Such Foods!

This pain is really unpleasant, it means the joints are inflamed. A lot of people, regardless age or gender, have this issue. The pain varies from mild to unbearable and serious to the point of immobility.

There are 2 main reasons for this issue. It can be bursitis, lupus, leukemia, fibromyalgia, strains in the muscles and broken bones or dislocated ones.

If you have this problem, avoid these listed foods below:

Red meats and processed meats

These meats have a lot of chemicals and sodium too. They have purines and nitrites that make pain worse and inflammation too, in the whole body in general.

The processed food has high glycation end outcome AGEs and these are toxins that increase and cause inflammation for sure. Instead of these meats eat more fresh produce like fruits and veggies in the diet.


Too much beer and other alcohols too are really bad for the joints with problems. Beer consumers have more risk to develop rheumatoid arthritis and even gout. The beer has purine that is transformed to uric acid in the body and thus results in more inflammation.

In case you have joint pain, you must avoid the beer since it also has gluten inside. Also, beer has some toxins that are of course, not good for the body.

Artificial flavors and sugars

The AGEs level In the body increase inflammation and this is due to too much sugars. To add, sugar makes triggering of more cytokines in the organism, i.e., inflammation agents.

Sugar we know is just empty bad calories, no matter how tasty, and causes weight gain and fatigue. But also, this makes the joints painful and under pressure.

Flour and refined grains

These make joint pain even greater since they also are inflammation agents. They increase the AGEs that make the inflammation.

Replace the grains and flour and the pasta, white rice, and white bread with whole grains, coconut flour and almonds. Replace the white rice with brown rice.


Too much eggs makes swollen and painful joints. The eggs or the yolks have a so called arachidonic acid that makes more prostaglandins which cause inflammation.

Also, eggs have saturated fat that increases this problem and pain too. If this is your favorite breakfast, skip the yolk and have the protein whites instead.

Foods with monosodium glutamate

The MSG is an additive for food that makes flavor enhanced and this is for frozen foods and snacks, chips, can foods and frozen Chinese food, dinners, soups, salad dressings too.

The MSG increases inflammation and pain. Those with this issue or rheumatoid arthritis must avoid this at all cost.

There are 2 main reasons for this issue. It can be bursitis, lupus, leukemia, fibromyalgia, strains in the muscles and broken bones or dislocated ones.

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