Health Benefits of Figs

Figs are tasty and nutritious addition to your healthy eating plan. They are a bit different from the most common fruits although they belong to the mulberry family. Figs contain a chewy texture that is not juicy. 

Figs can be consumed dried or fresh and believe it or not they have a lot of health benefits.

Anticancer Properties

In traditional medicine figs are considered as a remedy for many health problems including cancer. Some elements present in figs are toxic for various human cancer cells.

Anti-bacterial  and Anti-fungal Properties

Fig act as a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial agent. According to one study,  fig have the ability to fight a strand of oral bacteria and various microbes and fungi. What is more, another study shows that fig have the ability to stimulate the immune system.

Being immune system boosters, fig is great in fighting common illnesses which are typically work of bacteria.

Colon Cancer Prevention

The fiber present in figs stimulates the elimination of free radicals and other cancer causing substances. Fiber increases the healthy movement of the bowls.

Insulin Lowering properties

Not only the fruit, but also the leaves of the fig tree are edible. The leaves have anti diabetic properties and can help in the reduction of the amount of insulin which a diabetic person needs when they take insulin injections.

In one study, a liquid extract made from fig leaves was given to an insulin dependent diabetic in order to produce insulin lowering effect.

Prevents Macular Degeneration

Due to macular degeneration, older people suffer from vision loss. Fig can help avoid this common aging symptom.

Strong Bones

Fig is rich in calcium. Calcium is one of the most important components which reduce the risk of osteoporosis and strengthens the bones.

What is more, they are loaded with phosphorus which spurs regrowth and encourages bone formation if there is some degeneration or damage to the bones.

Weight Loss

Fig is a great source of dietary fiber. Foods that contain fiber have a positive effect on weight management.

Figs are tasty and nutritious addition to your healthy eating plan.

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