I Didn’t Eat For 21 Days Straight, See What Happened To My Body

Story from  Alanna Ketler: Believe it or not, I recently did the unthinkable – I stopped eating food for 21 days. I’m sure you wonder what happened?

I healed my body, gave my digestive system the much needed rest, cleared up my candida, passed some parasites, and got my cystic acne under control.

Unfortunately, I have been battling with candida overgrowth for almost two years, but now I question whether it may have just been a parasite all along. There are tons of illnesses out there that are commonly labeled as mystery illnesses because mainstream medicine has neither discovered a cause nor a cure, leaving many people in the dark when it comes to healing.

When I first learned about the Master Fast System I felt that the idea of fasting was reasonable and could help me once and for all deal with some health issues. The recommended 40 -108 days felt like a little bit too long for me so I decided to try out the fast for 21 day.

The Master Fast System means taking in only grape juice mixed with lemon, herbal tea and potent tinctures, daily enemas, a mixture of psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay and activated charcoal and daily dry fasts (nothing at all in the system) of between 14 – 18 hours.

Won’t You Lose A Lot Of Weight?

During the 21 days I lost a total of 15 pounds -most of which were just water weight. As you can see from the picture, what shrunk the most was my stomach, but it’s because it was always so bloated and uncomfortable before. This fast has completely cleared up the bloating and swelling that was almost a constant in my life for 2 years.

Isn’t Fasting Hard?

Of course it is hard. Not eating for an extended period of time isn’t easy, but that isn’t because you’re hungry, it’s because of your mental addictions to food. Most of us don’t really realize just how addicted to food we really are because it is a HUGE part of our culture.

Not until you go without food do these addictions become apparent. Fasting is a way to clear out the body and give the digestive system a break.

What is more, it is also great for clearing out the mind. It’s amazing how clear the head is when there is nothing in the system, no stimulants or any other distractions. Moreover, I became a lot more aware of my emotions as well.

I realized that we have a lot of preconceived ideas about food. We believe that we need a certain amount of food to be healthy, but I strongly believe that if we give it what it needs, and give our digestive system a break from time to time, we will be fine.

Is Fasting For You?

I strongly believe that fasting is something everyone can benefit from, especially if you are suffering from any digestive health issues. There are certain ways to go about it, however, it is important to do adequate research and choose a method that will be suitable to your needs.

There are certain ways to go about it, however, it is important to do adequate research and choose a method that will be suitable to your needs.

Source: www.collective-evolution.com

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