Identifying the Type of Obesity Is the Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat

You probably know someone who’s overweight or obese, as obesity has become a global modern health problem.

Even though there are all kinds of diet plans and exercise programs that promise to be the fastest way to burn body fat and get the body you desire, there’s one factor that they keep on missing.

The factor that plays a huge role in the weight loss and the fat-burning process is the type of obesity.

That’s right. Knowing what type of obesity you have will help you get rid of the excess body fat accumulated in the body area specific for that type.

A Study Helps Find The Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat

One Yorkshire study conducted on 4,000 obese adults had divided all participants into six groups:

Heavy-drinking men— these were obese males with high alcohol intake but few obesity-related problems

Young, healthy women— they were obese but with very few problems related to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes

Anxious, and unhappy middle-aged people— mostly women with bad mental health and wellbeing

Healthy and affluent adults— they enjoyed generally good health but had defining features of high blood pressure and higher alcohol intake

Happy but physically ill adults— their mental health was good but they suffered from osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases

People with the poorest health— they were affected by all sorts of chronic diseases and belonged to the lowest social class.

As you can see, the researchers in this study took different factors into consideration which makes the study even more helpful in the treatment of obesity.

They discovered two types of body fat distribution pattenrs– android and gynoid.

Men are more prone to the first type of body fat distribution than women. The people with an ‘Android’ fat distribution pattern generally have an “apple” body shape. You can recognize them by their weight circumference which is greater than the size of their hips.

When it comes to the ‘gynoid’ type of fat distribution, it’s usually present in women. These people have “pear” body shape and are characterized by hip measurements greater than their waist.

So, in order to burn the fat in your specific body area, you have to know which type of obesity you belong in.

6 Types of Obesity

Here are the six types of obesity and the right way to burn fat for each of them:

1. Obesity that Affects the Upper Body (with Android fat distribution pattern).

These people are physically inactive and they tend to eat a lot. If you belong to this group, we advise you exercise at least 30 minutes a day and limit the intake of sweets.

2. Obesity Centered Around the Stomach (with Android fat distribution pattern).

People in this group are prone to accumulating extra fat in their abdominal area. Researchers relate this to anxiety, stress, and depression. They should exercise and try some relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, etc.

3. Obesity that Affects the Lower Body (with Gynoid fat distribution pattern).

This type of obesity affects mostly women. They should try lower-body exercises combined with cardio exercises.

4. Swollen Stomach Obesity (with Android aft distribution pattern).

People who have this type of obesity have fat deposits in their stomach area. According to researchers, their fat gets accumulated here because of excessive intake of alcohol or problems with their breathing. Besides reducing their alcohol intake, they should also try some breathing techniques.

5. Obesity that Affects the Lower Body Including Swollen Legs (with Gynoid fat distribution pattern).

This group of people includes pregnant women due to the swelling in their legs. What they should do is try sitting with their feet elevated at some point during the day. Also, it’s recommended they do water aerobics to ease the pressure on joints located in feet and legs.

6. Obesity Characterized by Large Stomach and Upper Back Fat (with Android fat distribution pattern).

The main cause of this type of obesity is physical inactivity. These people should seriously consider starting an exercise program and reduce the size of their meals. Also, they should keep their blood sugar levels under control.

If your diet plan and workout routine don’t give any effects, it’s time to check if your extra fat and weight are due to hormonal imbalance or genetics. In such case, make sure you consult a health care professional to find the safest and fastest way to burn body fat for you.

You probably know someone who's overweight or obese, as obesity has become a global modern health problem.

Source Healthy Food House | Positive Med | David Wolfe
Image Source Health Conditions

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