Knowing These Egyptian Secrets Will Make Your Hair & Skin Look Better than Ever!

Today, getting your beauty product is easy. All you have to do is go to the nearest pharmacy and choose whatever you need.

But, the truth is that even though they are helpful, most modern cosmetics contain chemicals which can cause more harm than good, especially if you have sensitive skin.

That’s why natural cosmetics prepared in your own home are always the best option. They contain natural ingredients so they can’t harm your skin or hair.

Ancient Egyptians, with Cleopatra as one of the greatest symbols of beauty, used a lot of great natural products to take care of their skin and hair.

So, in this post, you’ll learn the eight best Egyptian secrets to getting the perfect look in completely natural ways.

8 Egyptian Beauty Secrets

1. Coconut Butter for Hair

Instead of commercial hair gel, use shea butter or even better, coconut oil to style your hair just like ancient Egyptians did.

2. A Bath with Milk and Honey

Cleopatra’s milk bath is said to be one of her greatest beauty secrets. The combination of milk and honey will gently exfoliate and nourish your skin. More exactly, milk contains lactic acid which removes dead skin cells, whereas the honey’s antibacterial effects help treat infections.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s health benefits were well known even in the time of ancient Egyptians. They used it for various purposes, from improving digestion to treating burns. Also, they used it to nourish and maintain a healthy skin and hair.

4. Face Mask with Fenugreek Seed

Back in the days, Egyptian women kept their face smooth and soft with the help of fenugreek seed face masks. In addition, they thought tea made from fenugreek seeds can increase their breast size. Even though we can’t say that’s true, many of them drank it regularly.

5. Coffee Facial Scrub

To make a great, natural facial scrub that’ll clean and soften your skin you’ll need 3 ingredients.

They are known to be beneficial for our skin and health in many ways, and they include a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and three tablespoons of coffee grounds. All you have to do is mix them well, and your natural facial scrub is ready.

6. Anti-Aging Treatment with Almond Oil

Almond oil contains an abundance of antioxidants which help postpone the signs of aging. Ancient Egyptians knew about the great potential of this oil when it comes to their skin care, so they used it as a moisturizer all the time.

7. Oils Which Boost Hair Growth

Ancient Egyptian women used rosemary and almond oil to condition their hair and stimulate its growth. What’s more, they used myrrh, frankincense, and other aromatic oils for hygiene and scent.

8. Makeup

Back in the days, there wasn’t any makeup, so what Egyptian women did was using many natural ingredients as eyeshadow, lipstick, or hair dye.

For example, their eye shadow was saffron, hair dye was henna, and red ochre their lipstick. Moreover, they used burnt almonds to darken their eyebrows and henna to color their nails.

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