Losing Hair? You Can Stop It With This Garlic Juice Recipe

Garlic is well known for its health properties and it can stimulate blood circulation, you can use garlic to increase growth of hair.

Hair loss can be a big problem that can make you lose your self-confidence and make you feel stressful, which can lead to more hair loss.

Eating garlic is good for your body, but did you know that garlic can be good for your hair too? When men lose their hair, it starts in the middle part on their head and spreads around.

For women, this process is different. Hair loss starts on the crown a when they lose about 25% of hair, it becomes visible. Hair loss in women can be a postpartum problem, and it can last for one period of time.

Either way, if you want to prevent hair loss, garlic is the right thing for you.

Garlic Juice Remedy

For this remedy, you will need only one garlic bulb, and nothing else. Grate garlic and collect the juice that is left, and just apply it to areas where you’ve noticed hair loss. Don’t rinse it immediately; leave it on your head for about an hour, so the juice can act. Shampoo the hair in the end, and that is all.

Garlic may leave some strong smell, but if that is the price you have to pay to get new hair, it is a pretty fair price.

It is important to use this remedy for about a month, two times a week. After some time you will notice the change and see the emergence of new hairs.

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