The Many Benefits Of Beet Juice

Due to its many benefits, beets have been used throughout the years to heal people.

Ancient Tradition

In Roman times, people used beetroot to treat constipation and fever. The father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, told people that beet leaves could be used to bind wounds.

In the Middle Ages, people used beetroot to treat diseases, especially those that had to do with blood and digestion.


Betalain is a very potent antioxidant. It is also anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Evidence suggest that it may also be excellent against cancer.

It can be found in any part of the beet plant, in its fruits, stems, roots, leaves and flower petals.

Nutritional Value

Beetroots are loaded with manganese and folic acid.

The leaves have 127% recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamin A, 50% RDA of vitamin C, 500% RDA of vitamin K. Other nutrients that can be found here are iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, and others.

An overview of beet juice benefits

Over the years, beet juice has been used to treat and heal exhaustion, anemia, eye, liver, kidney, and skin problems, and cancer.

Significant facts on beet

Beet juice might make your stool and urine reddish in color. This is normal. You only need a single ounce (slowly increase to two) a week of beet juice to get its benefits, which are very potent.

Consume beet juice raw since betalains are destroyed, and the oxalic acid contained in beets become dangerous to our health after cooking.

Use entire beets, from the roots to the greens to get all the vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of beet juice

Reversal of chronic diseases

The oxalic acid (raw) in the juice is excellent against inorganic calcium deposits in the body, which some experts believe to be the main cause of almost all chronic illnesses.

This could be why beet juice provides relief illnesses that involve calcification like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, eye problems, arteriosclerosis, and many others.

Consuming huge amounts of beet juice could prove a good detox agent because when calcium is dissolved, toxins and other harmful elements like heavy metals and viruses, come out of hiding.

Begin with an ounce of beet juice while fortifying your immune system through meals with a lot of enzymes, medicinal herbs and super food. Consume food that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and that get rid of toxins (in a safe manner) in your body.

he huge amount of magnesium means that the organic or good kind of calcium can be well-absorbed.

Relieves skin problems

Beet juice can also prove helpful against acne and other kinds of skin inflammation. It can also get rid of blemishes, while promoting healthier skin and hair growth.

Aids in preventing cancer

Studies have shown beet juice to be great at preventing cancer. It has betacyanin which prevents malignant tumors from forming, while cleansing the body of dangerous elements.

Studies revealed that beet juice was successful against several cancers including cancers of the spleen, liver, breast, colon, lung, and skin.

Aids in preventing birth defects

A hundred grams of beetroot has 27% of the RDA for folic acid. Folic acid provides protection for babies against birth defects.

Ensures healthier eyes

The carotenoids in beets are reported to be very good for the retinas of the eyes. Drink beet juice raw so you can get these carotenoids. Cooking beets only destroys them.

Aids in reversing anemia

The combo of iron and antioxidants in beets are excellent in reversing the process of anemia. Consume this with food with a lot of vitamin B12.

Ensures a healthier liver

Betaine is one of the more important things you find in beet juice because it can stimulate liver cells, and provide protection for the liver and bile ducts.

The fiber in beet has been found to help in producing more detoxifying liver enzymes such as glutathione and catalase.

A few other benefits …

Beet juice can also heal gout, and problems with the kidneys and gall bladder. It can also aid in improving levels of stomach acid, decreasing serum cholesterol and regulating blood pressure.

How to enjoy beet juice


Since cooking decreases betalain and make calcium stones out of oxalic acid, consume beets raw.


Beet juice is great with celery, carrots and cucumber.


You can also try peeling, grating and eating beets with raisins, carrots (grated) and apples.


Try peeling and grating the beets before adding purified water, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, stevia or raw agave, sea salt and herbs. Wait eight hours before consuming.

Beet Juice

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