You Need To Start Eating Celery Every Night and Here’s Why

We all eat celery from time to time, but there is a small number of people who eat it every day.

Eating celery on a regular basis can provide you a lot of health benefits and improve your life.

This veggie has a lot of health benefits and if you don’t like eating it, maybe these reasons will change your mind.

Removes Bad Cholesterol

Celery contains an ingredient called butylphthalide and that ingredient can reduce LDL or so-called bad cholesterol. This cholesterol can cause high blood pressure.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Just like we said, celery can lower bad cholesterol and thus reduce high blood pressure.

Helps You Lose Weight

Did you know that full stalk of celery has only 10 calories and a lot of water? It will help you lose your weight.

Reduce Stress

Since it is rich in magnesium, celery will help you relieve stress. You will feel less anxious and you will also fall asleep easily.

Helps Digestion

Because it is full of water and insoluble fiber, celery effectively regulates your stool.

Improves and Protects Eyesight

With full stalk of celery, you will get 10% of daily vitamin A, which will protect your eyes.

Regulates Alkaline Balance

Consuming celery will prevent an acidic state in the body and maintain a balance of the Ph levels in the body.

Fight Cancer

Celery is full of flavonoid known as luteolin, which delays the formation of breast cancer cells.


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