Just One Spoon Of This Miraculous Spice Will Help You Lose Weight

Cumin was firstly mentioned in the Bible, as a spice for seasoning soup and bread. Later, in ancient Egypt, people used cumin to help in preserving the mummies of the Pharaohs.

According to a new study, the cumin will help you to lose weight.

Amazing Study

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice published the results of this study, and they were amazing.

The group of 88 overweight and obese women, researchers divided into two groups. Both groups were assigned to a low calorie diet, and nutrition counseling. But, the difference was that one group ate just a plain yogurt, and the other group ate yogurt with three grams of cumin two times a day.

The results were next: After three months of this study, the group with cumin in the diet lost about 50% more weight than the other group. And if that is not enough, cumin group decreased body fat by 14.64%, which is more than three times than the other group lost.

Cumin will lower your body mass index and reduce blood lipid levels. It will also reduce the possibility of metabolic syndrome and it will offer a relief for IBS syndrome, so it is recommended to introduce it to your diet.

How to Intake More Cumin?

  • Add cumin to chili, rice, beans, or any other meal you are making.
  • You can even sprinkle it on sweet potato, carrots or other boiled veggies.
  • Add it to your salads and salad dressings.
  • Sprinkle it on scramble eggs after or before cooking.
  • Make cumin tea. You can buy prepared seed tea, or you can make one by yourself by boiling the seeds and drinking it after 10 minutes.

Cumin was firstly mentioned in the Bible, as a spice for seasoning soup and bread.

Source: wellmindness

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