The Most Powerful Detoxifier: Epsom Salt Bath

Since ancient times, Epsom salt has been used for hundred of years for many different purposes such as gardening, cleaning, and detoxification.

This salt can be found in garden centers at a very affordable price.

This is an advanced method of detoxification that can provide many health benefits for the body.

Epsom salt is named after a saline spring at Epsom in England. It differs from traditional salt because it is a pure compound of sulfate and magnesium. These minerals provide many health benefits that increase body’s detoxification capabilities.

How This Epsom Bath Works

Both sulfate and magnesium are easily absorbed through the skin and into the blood. The skin is a porous membrane that easily absorbs and removes substances from the body. When added to bathwater, Epsom salt creates a reverse osmosis, a process through which the body eliminates salts and toxins and absorbs sulfates and magnesium.

Magnesium plays a major role in more than 325 enzymes, improves nerve and muscle function, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow and oxygenation. Sulfates are important for healthy joints, nervous tissue and skin.

Epsom salt provides the body the needed levels of sulfates and magnesium. This helps the body to flush toxins and build protein molecules in the joints and brain tissue.

With a regular use of Epsom baths, you will improve many health problems such as gout, athlete’s foot, sprains, toenail fungus, muscle soreness, and bruises. If you suffer from some chronic pain or disease, do some Epsom baths and you will de-inflame, detoxify and improve the sulfur and mineral balance in the body.

White Mountain Epsom Salt

If you are dehydrated, pregnant or you have burns or open wounds on your skin, you may experience contraindications to Epsom baths. Consult your doctor before you start with an Epsom salt bath in case if you suffer from some cardiovascular disease.

Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt bath will take at least 40 minutes, 20 minutes to remove the toxins and 20 minutes to absorb the minerals from the bath water.

When you fill the bath with water, make sure you have a water filtration system because you do not want to bathe in water that is full of fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and dioxins.

Add the following amounts of Epsom salt for a standard size bath:

  • Children under 6- lbs– 1/2 cup
  • If you have 60-100 lbs– 1 cup
  • If you have 100-150 lbs– 1 1/2 cup
  • If you have 150-200 lbs– 2 cups
  • For every 50 lbs add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt.

Additional Tips to Apply with the Epsom Salt Bath

Olive oils is a perfect combination with Epsom salt because in that way the polyphenols soak into the skin and provide additional benefits. So, just add 1/2 cup of olive oil and enjoy.

Both cayenne and ginger will increase heat levels thus sweating out the toxins. These herbs are rich in powerful antioxidants that will promote a detoxification of the body and stimulate sweating. You can add 1 tbsp. or 1/2 cup of these herbs anywhere.

Make sure you do not combine Epsom salt bath and soap because both of theme interfere with the minerals’ action and prevent the detoxification process.

After Epsom bath, try to rest for an hour unless you have arthritis joints. In this case, stay active as much as you can to prevent congestion in the joints.

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