The Reason Why Many Women Put Cabbage Leaves on Their Breasts Will Amaze You

Many American and European women use this strange, yet extremely helpful method of putting cabbage leaves on their breasts for various purposes.

The reason they do this is that cabbage can soothe the stress and pain from wearing an uncomfortable bra, as well as relieve swelling, pain, and discomfort caused by breastfeeding.

Cabbage leaves act as magnets, pulling out any ailment and disease from our body. According to a 2008 study, they can effectively decrease breast engorgement and pain in breastfeeding mothers.

So, placing cold cabbage leaves on your breasts is soothing and helps reduce breast swelling and pain.

How to Use Cabbage Leaves for Breasts

Take one head of cabbage and refrigerate it for an hour. It’s better if you use green cabbage as the red one will probably leave stains on your bra and clothes. Once cold enough, peel off its outer leaves as you don’t need them.

You need two inner cabbage leaves, so return the rest of the cabbage in the fridge to have it cold for the next time. Wash the leaves well under cold running water, to make sure there are no dirt, residue, or pesticides left on them.

Remove the stems from the center of the clean cabbage leaves, and they will fit nicely over your breasts. However, make sure they don’t cover your nipples to keep the skin around them dry and intact. Once you’ve wrapped the clean, cold cabbage leaves around your breasts without covering the nipples, let them stay for 20 minutes.

You can even put on a bra to keep them in place. Remove after this period as the leaves will become warm, and repeat whenever necessary.

Note: Breastfeeding mothers who use this method to relieve breast engorgement and reduce breast swelling should stop this treatment when the swelling is gone and their breasts in a much better condition. This method might decrease breast engorgement and swelling, but it can also reduce the breast milk supply.


Source Healthy Life Tricks | Very Well
Image Source Baby Kid Center

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