Science Proves Jackfruit is a Powerful Cancer Killer

Jackfruit looks very similar to durian but it certainly doesn’t smell and taste like the latter. It tastes really sweet when ripe.

Many people are quick to say that it’s like eating something that equally boasts of the tropical and sunshiny flavors of banana and pineapple.

When unripe, jackfruit makes for an excellent meat substitute as it kind of tastes like chicken.

It’s true that a jackfruit is quite challenging to carry and peel. However, a special place in your heart will surely be reserved for this tropical gem once you’re through reading about its various surprising health benefits.

1. Jackfruit contains potassium, a mineral needed by the circulatory system. Potassium helps in themaintenance of ideal blood pressure. It also helps reduce your risk of stroke.

2. Jackfruit energizes you because it contains carbohydrates and sugar. Fret not because the kindsthis super fruit contains are good for you as they are released in the bloodstream at a steady pace, keeping blood glucose spikes at bay.

3. Vitamin C in jackfruit is essential for a stronger immune system. The nutrient helps protect yourbody from microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. What’s more, vitamin C is necessary for the health of your skin, teeth, cartilage and bones. Being an antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect your cells from being damaged by those harmful free radicals.

4. Aside from vitamin C, jackfruit also contains vitamin A necessary for sharper vision and healthyeyes.

5. Plantbased pigments in the bright yellow flesh of jackfruit have superb anticancer properties.Acting as antioxidants, they eliminate excess free radicals that may cause healthy cells to mutate and cause cancer.

6. With so many antioxidants around, the consumption of jackfruit helps in slowing down the agingprocess. Eating the tropical fruit is a great way to maintain your youthful appeal and keep those premature signs of skin aging at bay.

7. Both calcium and magnesium jackfruit contains are vital for the health of your teeth and bones.

8. Iron in jackfruit is necessary for the production of red blood cells, making this fruit a tasty andeffective anemiabuster.

9. Jackfruit contains copper, a mineral that is crucial for the thyroid gland as it helps in the normalproduction of hormones. Copper also helps ward off depression, anxiety and panic attack.

10. Dietary fiber in jackfruit promotes regular bowel movement, saving you from ending upconstipated. It’s also a good idea to eat this fruit if you are suffering from certain digestive disorders such as acid reflux and ulcer.

How Jackfruit Helps in Fighting Cancer

Jackfruit is an anti-cancer food, thanks to all its nutrients that have powerful cancer-fighting benefits, including:


Jackfruit has phytonutrients that have the ability to prevent the first stages of cancer cell formation. This particular fruit is actually recommended for people who already have stomach ulcers, since it can help improve the condition and even fight its progress.


Saponins have been known for being anti-cancer agents. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition back in 1995 showed that saponins can prevent the development of colon cancer. Another study also discovered that saponins may have the potential to cause mitotic arrest in leukemia cells and may help cause remission.

Saponins react to the outside layers of cells that have cancer and they bind themselves with them to prevent further growth.

Isoflavones and Lignans

These two are nutrients known as phytoestrogens that bind to the receptors estrogens produce. Many studies, including the one published by the National Cancer Institute, have shown that these two nutrients can reduce the development of endometrial cancer.

The study involved 500 women who consumed jackfruit and other sources of isoflavones and lignans versus the control group. The first group saw a significant reduction in their cancer risk.


Jackfruit also contains antioxidants, which are compounds known to fight free radicals. They can help protect the DNA of the cells, so they don’t get direct damage from the dangerous toxins. Antioxidants can also prevent mutations of the cells, which can lead to cancer.

As if all those nutrients aren’t enough, jackfruit is also rich in fiber that helps in cleansing the colon and the gastrointestinal tract. This can also help in reducing cancer risk, making jackfruit one of the best cancer fighters around.

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