Scientists Confirmed Why a Himalayan Salt Block Is One of the Greatest Things You Could Own

Layered far away from industrial pollution in the Himalayan Mountain Range, Himalayan pink salt is the healthiest and purest salt on the Planet.

People have always used it as part of their diet, calling it the “pink gold.” When they are heated, the blocks create a patina in the same way as a cast-iron skillet does.

This salt is abundant in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and contains 84 important minerals which are naturally found in our body. So, if you consume it regularly, your body will have all required minerals for its optimal function and health.

Besides the rich mineral content, pink Himalayan salt is a great substitute for table salt because of its low sodium content.

Our body cells can easily absorb and metabolize these minerals as they are present as small colloidal sized-particles in the crystals.

Improves the Taste of Foods

With Himalayan salt block, it’s all about the taste. It will neither over-season nor under-season your food, so use it to improve the flavor of various meals.

Antimicrobial Properties

A Himalayan salt block is probably the safest cooking utensil you can have. Its strong antimicrobial properties kill microbes and help preserve food.

Great Temperature Resistance

The ability to withstand extreme high or low temperatures is another benefits of Himalayan salt blocks. This means you can use it to heat food on a grill or gas stove, or cool it in the fridge to serve cold food.

According to experts, these salt blocks can withstand temperatures from- 17 ° C to 482 ° C( from 0 ° F to 900 ° F ). However, sudden change in the temperature can damage the salt block, so make sure it rests for one day between uses.

Use It for Cooking

The best way to cook on your Himalayan salt block is placing it on your gas stove or grill, but not in the oven. If you like to use it on a gas stove, cook on low heat, gradually increasing the temperature. The Himalayan salt block will reach 149 ° C (300 ° F) after around 30 minutes.

Make sure you heat your salt block for 40 minutes before each use, and when it comes to cleaning, let it cool first.

Via Healthy Food House | Living Traditionally | Himalayan Crystal Salt

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