She Lost 225 Pounds At Age 63 With These 7 Helpful Steps

Four years ago, Diane Naylor, now 63, retired, moved from Fresno to Oakhurst, California, and was delighted about all the brand-new activities her brand-new location afforded her: hiking paths, cycling trails in Yosemite and a great environment for being outdoors.

There was simply one problem: She weighed more than 400 pounds and didn’t want to go outside.

“I felt miserable and depressed because of my weight,” Naylor recounted to TODAY. “I wasn’t active at all and I couldn’t do all of the things I wanted to.”

Naylor had actually aimed to reduce weight a number of times before, however always quit when whatever diet she was on ended. She was feeling hopeless until an episode of the TV show “Castle” motivated her to offer it another try.

“One of the medical examiners was telling the lead actress she should follow her dreams, he pointed to the corpses and said, ‘All those people had dreams, but their time ran out, so don’t let that happen to you.’ It was like a light bulb went off — I had a lot of dreams, too, and I wanted to accomplish them.” – Naylor said.

The next day, Naylor began her weight-loss journey and hasn’t recalled since. Here, she states the steps she took to lose 225 pounds, and provides guidance for people in similar scenarios:

1. Start Now

Don’t put it off.  No one gets any younger, and the younger you are, the easier it is. I started at 59, which proves anyone can do it. Why start six months from now? Start today!

2. Make Small Changes To Your Way Of Life

Naylor started pacing her driveway. In the beginning, going to the mailbox was a difficulty for her. Even though she felt unbalanced, like she was going to fall, she stuck with it. As soon as she lost 20 pounds (thanks to strolling and a new consuming strategy), she began riding an indoor bike and taking longer walks around her community.

Today, she hikes 4-mile trails and does 20-30-mile bike rides with her niece. She doesn’t stop moving until she hits 10,000 steps a day. Naylor stressed it’s everything about beginning small, and increasing your motion as you feel more powerful.

3. Find A Support Network

Naylor joined the Removing Pounds Sensibly club, nicer known as TOPS, after she had actually lost 50 pounds on her own. The club provides accountability and continuous support. Naylor participates in meetings every Monday, and received calls, e-mails and letters of encouragement from other members when she first began.

The Monday conferences help me keep myself in check during the weekends, when I ‘d be more than likely to cheat. If you don’t have access to a similar group– start one yourself! Find similar-minded people who will understand and support you.

4. Try To Consume Something New

I learned how to eat fish. I didn’t take care of it in the past, but I bought an air fryer which assisted me prepare it without the grease and I really like the method it tastes.

5. Do Not Go On A “Diet”

Before Naylor found TOPS, she had tried everything to drop weight, from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig, and she always acquired it back.

This time around, instead of seeing her way of life modifications as a “diet,” she simply approached it as small changes for a healthier and longer life. She started eating more veggies, less junk and moved more.

“I determined exactly what worked for me,” she said.

6. Stay With It

You will strike weight-loss plateaus along the way– it’s inescapable– however if you stick it out, you will continue to lose weight.

It might take six or 8 weeks for the scale to move, however during that time, you’ll see the inches coming off of your body. She described and stressed the significance of not quiting!

7. Take It One Meal At A Time.

“Candy, popcorn and ice cream are all still temptations for me. Remaining healthy is a constant, every day choice,” Naylor stated. Sure, that can feel overwhelming, however she recommends taking a look at it as just one decision, one meal at a time, and stresses that you have to be consistent.

Today, Naylor states she’s 63 going on 45 and feels remarkable. She can make the most of all of the fun outdoor activities in her area and is even entering public speaking on behalf of TOPS, the weight-loss club. Her slogan: If she can do it, so can you! Start small, and just get started– don’t keep putting it off till Monday.

She weighed more than 400 pounds and didn’t want to go outside.


Image source: Diane Naylor / facebook

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