Six Chia Seed Side Effects You Were Probably Not Aware Of!

One flowering plant which dates back to Aztec times and at present day enjoys its rebirth is definitely Chia. Chia is rich in omega-3 fats, fiber, vitamins, protein, and minerals.

As a great source of nutrition, people use it for weight loss as part of their balanced diet.

But unlike the quote ‘you can never have much of a good thing,’ this food has its side effects.

6 Side Effects of Chia Seeds

1. May Cause Diarrhea and Constipation

American Dietic Association states that the average daily intake of fiber for man needs to be 38g, and for woman 25g a day.

And because of the high content of fiber, you can have the needed dose of fiber in 11gm per ounce chia seeds. Too much of fiber can have different impacts for every body type.

It can cause constipation, flatulence, and diarrhea. In order your body to digest the chia seeds properly, you could soak them or eat them with a lot of water.

Put one tablespoon of chia seeds in one cup of water and let it soak overnight. The next day you can grind them, or you can add it to smoothies.

2. Can Make You Choke

These seeds gained the bad reputation as a choking hazard. They can lead to complications of gagging or choking if you don’t pre-soak them or eat them without roasting. You might even end in the ER if you are not careful.

When these seeds are dry and unroasted, they can absorb its dry weight in water as much as 27 times. In this situation it turns gelatinous and grows larger, this can stick in the esophagus and cause choking.

Chia seed can absorb water 27 times their weight, so if you eat the seeds raw, they can easily absorb this amount of liquid in your food pipe, expand and choke you. Never forget to soak them.

3. Can Prevent Blood Clotting

Chia seed can react as blood thinners because they contain omega 3-fatty acids and prevent blood clotting.

If you are on blood-thinning medications or you just had a surgery and avoided excessive bleeding, you better stay away from chia seed.

4. Can Worsen Your Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis patients make pockets called diverticula along the lining of the large intestine. When inflamed, they try to push out through the colon wall resulting in pain, diarrhea or bloating.

Even though the cure for diverticulums is high-fiber diet, and chia seed contains fiber, this seed gets in the diverticula and inflames them.

5. Can Set Off an Allergic Reaction

A 100 mg of chia seeds has a 16.54 gm of protein, that’s a bad new if you are allergic to the protein in chia seed. This seed is also off the table if you have seed or nut allergy.

There can be different reactions from diarrhea to vomiting. If you have difficulties while swallowing, a horse throat, wheezing or you have a repetitive cough, it might mean you are allergic to this seed.

You might even hard it difficult to breathe or talk as inflammation flares up in the larynx.

In case your allergy becomes more severe, or your skin starts turning pale or blue do not hesitate to talk to your physician.

6. Can Trigger Prostate Tumors

There is a contradiction between different researchers on this topic. Some researchers claim that this seed could lower the risk of prostate tumor grow, while others don’t agree on that.

A study that was made in 2010 reported that omega three fatty acids did not cause a prostate tumor, but on the contrary, it lowered the risk of prostate cancer.

But the study made in 2013 reports that foods like chia which have omega three fatty acids could result in the formation of a prostate tumor.

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How Often and How Much You Should Consume This Seed?

Because of its high fiber content, it’s no wonder the nutritionist recommend chia in your everyday diet.

Since the outcome of the studies are not unanimous that this product is safe, we can’t recommend it to people with conditions like high triglycerides, low blood pressure, and pregnancy.

Usually, 1-1.5 tbsp twice a day (the equivalent of 20 mg serving which has 139 calories) is enough intake for most people.

So if your goal to lose weight rely on this intake, taking more of this seeds will make you end up adding more calories.

Chia Seed Side Effects

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