The Tennis Ball Trick For Relieving Neck, Back And Knee Pain

The syndrome Myofascial is manifested through chronic pain in the muscles especially when there is pressure on sensitive spots.

The tennis ball is rubbery and elastic and it relaxes the muscles, also stretches them and soothes our pain. How to use tennis ball for the body:

Strained neck

The erector and muscles suboccipital have to be relaxed after much time on the chair to avoid making them tighter. Do these workouts: lie down on the ground and the face is upward.

Have 2 tennis balls under the skull. Move the head so that the balls can settle in the neck in a comfy way. Do this for a minute and change direction to another side. Center the head one sided and nod, then repeat with other side.

Sore back

This pain is due to bad shoes or bad sleeping poses and even bad sitting poses. How to relieve this: get 2 tennis balls under the back, between tailbone and ribs, then move around the pelvis and let the balls move to the back. Decelerate the moves where the back Is stiff and reduce the spine pressure. Breathe deep and repeat for 5 min.

Stiff shoulders

This will soothe the stiff muscles and reduce the pain in the shoulders, due to lifting heavy items and bad sitting. Lie on the floor and face is upwards. Put the 2 balls behind the shoulders, lie on the back and down on floor and roll the balls under the shoulders.

Pain in hips

If you wear uncomfy shoes and sit all day long you put pressure on the hips and have pain in the large and small muscles that support our pelvis; piriformis too, gluteus maximus and medius too. Lie down and put a ball between the floor and hip and lean on that. Make 12 circles, slowly and change sides.

Compressed chest

Activities like sitting, cooking or using the phone and PC will tighten the chest. To stop it to get worse and impair the breathing and nervous system react in time. Stand in fornt of some wall and the wall corner to the door. Put the tennis ball under the collar bone. Breathe deep and do this for a minute.

Then move the upper chest part and elevate the clavicle up and down and to each side. For more mobile muscle, move the neck and arm for 1 min and change sides.

Cramped knees

When you workout, stretch the articular capsule in the knee and work the tennis ball to relax the kneecap muscles, the ones in the lower leg and thighs too. Sit on a chair and bend the knees, then put the ball at the knee back. Do 10 reps and rest for 10 minutes.

Bad posture

Bad body posture will damage muscles and the spine so breathing will be impaired. So, lie down and put 2 tennis balls on each back side and the hands are behind the head when you lift it. The head is now toward the chest and hips are elevated. Breathe deep and roll the balls on the back for 4 min.

Aching hands

Too much writing can damage the flexor muscles in the hands. Put the hand on a table and put tennis ball under it. The other hand is placed on the top for more pressure. Move the ball horizontally and stretch in every position of the palms. After 3 minutes, switch hands.

Sore feet

Due to too much standing and wearing bad shoes, feet ache a lot and this means the upper back hurts and fasciitis too. Get a tennis ball and stretch the feet. Put the ball under the feet, stand on this and roll the heels for a minute.

Tender thighs

These balls can relieve tension in the quadriceps in the vastus lateralis muscles. Sit on a chair and place the balls under the thigh outer side. Straighten and bend the knee for 40 times and the thigh moves in horizontal way, thus you move the ball across the thigh side. Repeat sides and switch.


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