The Fantastic Duo -Lemon & Baking Soda!

Mixing lemon and baking soda to aid your health is something that big Pharmaceutical companies will keep as a secret from you.

It costs almost nothing however it is 10.000 times stronger than any chemo therapy, therapy whose main purpose is to bring profit to these companies.

Lemon not only kills cancer cells but it also helps with cysts and tumors. Read on to find out more about this citrus fruit:

1. Lemon helps you with weight loss by boosting your metabolism.
2. Use lemon to clean and whiten your teeth. Use the inner lemon peel to clean bacteria from your mouth and if you want to make your smile sparkling simply mix some baking soda and few drops of lemon and use this as tooth paste. Your teeth will shine in no time.
3. If you suffer from a toothache, put a few drops of lemon on the tooth and you will feel relief immediately.
4. Use lemon to clean your skin, it works wonders if you have skin problems like acne.
5. Detox your liver with lemon.
6. Lemon helps you balance the pH in your body and it creates alkaline environment.
7. Lemon boosts your immune system and it provides your body with vitamin C.
8. The potassium that the lemon contains regulates and lowers your blood pressure.
9. Lemon makes your digestion better and it also removes intestine worms.

Scientific Results And Works

Case Studies

According to a recent study, eating 4 or more 150g servings of citrus fruit per week can reduce the risk of throat cancer by 53%, stomach cancer by 31% and colorectal cancer by 18%. A link between citruses and breast cancer was not found but according to another study in the USA it is claimed that 75 g of grapefruit per day can lower the risk of breast cancer by 22%.

Both studies prove that consuming 600g of citrus fruit weekly affects our overall health and that this is the minimal dose for cancer prevention. It is also reported that baking soda can alkalize areas that have metastases and cancer slows down from every organ affected which was seen in mice with breast cancer.

Dr. Warburg’s Study

According to Dr. Warburg, the main cause for cancer is oxygen deficit and acidity inside the body .He has also said that cancer cells are anaerobic and do not survive if there is oxygen near, thus they hate alkalinity!

To survive, cancer cells need pH between 6.5 and 7.5 so if you raise the pH of your blood you target these cells, this stops the growth of tumors and it encourages apoptosis. All in all acidic areas make a great environment for illnesses in general.

Baking Soda And Lemon

Lemon is known for killing bacteria, microbes, fungi and parasites. It also regulates your blood pressure and it lowers stress.

According to some tests made in the 70s by a pharmaceutical company, lemon and baking soda kill 12 types of cancer and this combination is stronger than chemo therapy and the drug Adriamycin.

Chemo therapy targets the sick and the healthy cells altogether compared to the lemon and baking soda mix which targets only the sick cells and leaves the healthy ones intact. It is recommended to take 2 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of baking soda per day to fight cancer in a natural way.


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