Use Artemisinin to Treat Cancer and Malaria

Artemisinin has a lot of beneficial properties. This herbal compound is a potent cancer fighter which is highly efficient and it reduces the likelihood for resistance.

What Is Artemisinin?

Artemisinin is a Chinese herbal compound derived from the Artemisia plant. This compound is also known as wormwood and sweet Annie. It was initially native to Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, but it is now grown in North America as well.

“We call it a Trojan horse because the cancer cell recognizes transferrin as a natural, harmless protein. So the cell picks up the compound without knowing that a bomb (artemisinin) is hidden inside.”  – Henry Lai

What Health Benefits Does Artemisinin Offer?

The herb is used for treating a variety of specific health condition and it offers a number of common health benefits. Among its most important benefits are the sedative and anti-inflammatory properties that it possesses.


Wormwood is often used as a sedative. The compounds that it contains can calm the nerves and muscles and actually promote sleep.


Artemisinin reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain throughout the body. This is why it is used to treat a variety of gastrointestinal issues as well as a variety of other autoimmune diseases.


This herb has important antibacterial properties. It is often used to treat wounds, ulcers and lesions. It also helps to relieve pain and prevent infection.


This herb acts in much the same way as a traditional oxygen treatment. It breaks down infectious or parasitic particles in the body and destroys these invasive cells. The herb even protects healthy cells while destroying the unhealthy ones.

Is Artemisinin Actually an Anti-Malarial Compound?

One of its primary purposes is treating malaria. Artemisinin contains a compound known as coartem. According o one study, this compound is capable of eradicating malaria in more than 96% of cases.

Can Wormwood Actually Treat Cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, the extract can be used as a cancer treatment drug. In one study, individuals have experienced a 28% of tumor shrinkage within 16 hours of treatment with artemisinin alone. When used together  with iron, the effects seem to be even greater.

The main reason why artemisinin is such an effective cancer treatment is that it functions primarily through oxidation. The compound enters the cancerous cells and reacts with the iron already present in the body. This reaction releases the artemisinin’s peroxide molecule, which acts like a free radical. The free radical destroys the entire cancerous cell. The iron only enhances the reaction as cancer cells feed on iron, and a greater amount of iron in the cells leads to bigger reaction.

To treat cancer effectively, you need to take 600 mgs of 100% artemisinin twice a day together with iron supplements for the treatment to be effective.

Is Artemisinin Used to Treat Any Other Health Conditions?

Artemisinin can be also used to treat other health conditions. The treatment is effective in treating parasites, fungus such as candida, and even certain bacteria. It is also a common treatment for appetite disorders, stomach issues, liver and gallbladder problems, fever, and irregular menstruation. It can also be used topically for wounds, ulcers, skin lesions, and insect bites.

How Do I Use This Remedy?

The specific use of this remedy depends on what you are planning to treat. For instance, if you have digestive issues or other more minor ailments, 100-200 milligrams taken orally per day is an appropriate treatment option. However, to follow the cancer protocol, you need to take 600 milligrams of 100% artemisinin twice a day to eradicate cancerous cells and fully treat your condition.

Using artemisinin to treat cancer may actually be one of the easiest and most-effective cancer treatments available on the market today.


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