Use Coconut Oil For Stopping Grey Hair, Falling Out Or Breakage

This oil is the best for cosmetics and body care, sunscreen lotions and more. And , it is perfect for hair care too.

In Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, Caribbean and Philippines women use it with coconut milk too for a silky, healthy long hair and natural color too.

Eat this daily and you will be healthy, but also use it topically.

Why is coconut oil amazing?

No hair loss

This is caused by inflammation, fungi and nutrition deficits. This oil has loads of healthy fat and fight inflammation and infections. Mix 2 tbsp sage oil and 3 tbsp coconut. Cook on low heat and see the heat on your hand. Apply on the whole head and use shower cap before sleeping. In the morning just wash it.

Less hair damage

Compare it to sunflower oil and mineral oil – this is the top best and stops hair damage too. it keeps more proteins in the hair and makes the shaft strong. Apply it on the split ends and trim the hair every 2 months.

Smooth hair

Too dry hair results in fizziness, dry hair follicles and shaft too. this oil is hydrophobic meaning it cannot be with water, but keeps moisture locked. Apply it 15 minutes before hair wash. Also, dab a bit on the ends and brush the hair. It is perfect for sleek updo looks.

No dandruff

This is a chronic issue of the scalp and makes flakes on it too, caused by fungi, dry skin and more. The coconut will fight the fungi and hydrate the scalp. Mix same parts coconut and castor and massage the head. After half an hour, wash it. If the dandruff is still there, use this before every wash.

Killing lice

The lice are common for small children. Most of these cures are full of toxins and damage the hair and scalp both. The coconut removes lice and keeps skin nurtured while it kills those hair bugs. The oil suffocates the lice and stops their eggs to hatch inside the hair. For usage, apply the oil evenly and use this for several days. Add also some tea tree oil to enhance the effect.

Gray hair

The pigment inside the hair follicles makes the hair color. But with age the hair turns grey and those pigments are less seen. The coconut keeps the hair follicle strong, thus keeping more pigment inside. Massage the hair with coconut and lemon daily, for 15 minutes.

Last comments

If you haven’t gotten this oil, do not wait. Lots of organic or herbal shampoos contain the coconut, but why not also add it extra, by yourself?


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